Welcome to Reflexology Plus, LLC
Are You Seeking To Experience Optimal Health And Well-Being?

Are you in ‘Balance’ or are you experiencing stress, depression, anger, anxiety, allergies, toxins, repetitive negative patterns/beliefs, repressed emotions, and so on?

Do you know that your sore and painful feet can tell you about your overall health issues?  You can address and possibly relieve most of these issues before resorting to invasive surgery or drugs!

Reflexology and Crystal Light Therapy can be effective for a wide range of conditions including Back Pain, Circulatory Problems, Hormonal Imbalances, Migraines, Headaches, Sleep Disorders, Stress Related Disorders, etc.
Reflexology Plus LLC , Ruth Holden IIR C.R. was established in 2003 in Lutherville/Timonium, MD and continues to serve clients of all ages with various stages of health. Ruth specializes in Reflexology with Crystal Light Therapy, a form of vibration medicine.  Therapy performed with crystal light and color on reflex points on the hands, feet, chakras, meridians, reflex zones communicates the proper frequency for restoring health to the body and electromagnetic field.

Ruth’s passion of Reflexology and this unique integration of effective energy healing with color and crystals lights, along with a  genuine concern for her clients, help her to inspire and compassionately guide people towards self-responsibility, wellness and inner wisdom on their healing journey.

Consider giving yourself this amazing gift of healing.

Other Services Offered

Color Spine Chart Consultation

If you want to know more in depth about your health issues,  then include a Color Spine Chart Consultation along with your Reflexology/Color Session. 

It’s a way to find out what is really happening with the energy of each of your charkas on a very subtle level. This interpretation helps bring awareness to the underlying patterns that are affecting your life right now. This analysis will give insight and information to you and your healthcare providers that is useful for healing yourself.

How does it work? All that is needed for preparation of a Spine Chart is  your signature and it will be ready by your next reflexology treatment.
Toe Readings

Do you want to know why your toes look the way they do?

Gain insight into your personality and behaviors.

Toe Reading creates deep insight into your own life or the lives of others by understanding that the toes and sole of the foot are a hologram for everything that has happened in one’s life. Major traumas, dramas, personality tendencies and destiny factors are stored in the toes — you can use your new knowledge to invite change in your life by enjoying the benefits of Reflexology or other therapy.

A fun and transformational experience!