1. I always feel at ease and relaxed when I receive a Reflexology treatment from Ruth. Her dedication, in the area of Reflexology, has led her to continue to develop her skills as a highly-trained professional. It is my opinion, that Ruth Holden is one of the best. I certainly would recommend her, to anyone who is considering Reflexology treatments, and would also suggest that they try her Color Therapy and Crystal Bed.
    Patti H., Rosedale, MD
  2. Although I know about the benefits of reflexology, I had no idea of the healing power that color and crystal light therapy can add, until my session with Ruth. She is a gifted healer who told me true things about myself, just by reading my toes. Not only did she answer all of my questions, she asked me questions the helped me focus on the results I wanted from the session and to ask God for healing in the areas of my life where I need it. She said that every one of my chakras was out of balance and even though I don't know exactly how that works, I knew that I was tired, feeling aches and pains all over, and was fighting off depression and exhaustion. By the time my one hour "bath" in the crystal light bed ended, I felt absolutely renewed. Yes, I felt sensations like tingling and weights being lifted off, but it is hard to describe a "subtle" healing. All I know is that I received what I needed and I feel great.
    Susan D., Timonium, MD
  3. Ruth has been my reflexologist since 2007 where we worked together at Holistic Family Medicine. I know Ruth’s clients experience a sense of calmness, increase in energy and much more from her treatments. I continually refer my Clients to Ruth for healing.
    Erina Purie, Paramedical Skin & Body Care
  4. I suffered with "sore feet," other body aches, and a feeling of something is not right. A friend had suggested Charkra balancing. In January, 2006, I read Ruth's ad in a local health publication featuring foot reflexology and color therapy for the Chakras. I made an appointment. Ruth's experience enabled her to intuitively find the tension in points running through the ankles to the tips of the toes that correspond to affected parts of the body. Applying pressure and massage with her fingers, sometimes using crystal points and/or colored light specific to that point, the tension in those points melts away. My sore feet and the heavy leg feeling also melt away. I continue monthly appointments and always walk away from my appointments on happy feet while feeling refreshed and balanced.
    Wayne K., Catonsville, MD